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Schedule through May 31,   2008

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Time Tue Tue
May 6 May 20
11:00 AM
12:00 Lunch Lunch
12:30 PM George George
1:45 PM    
3:00 PM Barb  
4:15 PM    
5:30 PM Supper Supper

I can be reached at the Brookridge phone number 352-597-9251  as it is now a cell phone.

 Call for Winter Haven to Port Richey area.

Is anyone interested in a Video or Movie Class instruction?

request it through an emailflp.gif (19530 bytes)

Get Thunderbird
I have been trying out a new email program it  seams to be working well. so I have been running both, but now I shutdown, but did not delete Outlook Express.

Firefox 2
For the 2 months have been using Foxfire2 which is better than IE 6 or IE 7 as it does not have the MS pop-up windows in it.  Website for download =

This email program has really found Spam well,  You can teach it the new Spam and you do not have to pay $39.95 for the program or the updates as it comes as part of the Thunder bird email  program!!   Both are "Free" and you get all updates for free. You do NOT want remove IE6 as it is the only way you can update Windows XP, but you can make Foxfire the default browser so IE 6 will not run  unless you click it's ICON.

 Both are about 6 MB files to down load.  I did 
NOT install the goggle options.   Joe

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